#1184 - Saoirse

Campername: Saoirse

Hersteller: VW

Modell: LT

Farbe: Weiß

Baujahr: 1995

Kilometerstand: 125.000 km

Vans of Germany: 1995VWLT35

Kommentar zum Ausbau:

Just bought this Van so still at planning stage.Needs some bodywork and respray.

Kommentar zum Thema #vanlife:

I have always loved these van and finally found one for sale in Ireland. Hoping to get some tips and advice on refurbishing the interior. It comes with original kitchen so just need bed table and toilet. Also need some parts so any VW lT35 parts dealers contact details would be great. Need handbrake and pulley, windows etc. I don’t have parts numbers so help in finding the correct parts number would be great. Thanks, Bridie